Review of Loony Bingo

You may assume that with a name like Loony Bingo, this bingo casino website would be entirely insane, stark raving mad. Regrettably, I must disappoint you, but those responsible for assembling it look to be more than sane. This is not the nut house as the name implies. In comparison to the vast majority of other websites of this kind, Loony Bingo makes logic, is very clear about what it wants to provide you (as opposed to the rants of a lunatic), and is cleverly built.

When the landing page loads, everything will become evident. We’ve seen some surprising decisions made by site designers in terms of navigation and layout, as well as color scheme and images. Certain casino websites just seem bad, and are not places you want to spend much time, much alone a lot of money. Fortunately, Loony Bingo does not fall under that category.

Oh, the Horrors!

Not to worry; we’re joking. Once you do a thorough investigation, there isn’t anything frighteningly insane about Loony Bingo. From the menu at the top left of the screen, choose ‘Bingo’ and we’ll demonstrate what we mean.

Rather than a room full of people yelling at each other to ‘STOP TALKING’ or ‘GET OUT OF MY HEAD,’ you’ll discover some rather straightforward instructions on how to use the website. Below the menu bar, you’ll find instructions on how to claim your sign-up bonus, as well as a slew of links to information about future promotions. However, we don’t want to discuss them just now, since they will leave us with nothing to discuss later.

As you would assume, the primary focus of this portion of the website is bingo, and the bulk of the page is taken up with links to the many types of games available. There’s the Daily Grand, which offers a daily jackpot of £1,000; the £250 ‘Money Penny’ jackpot; the £10,000 jackpot; the £10,000 Bingo X Multiplier jackpot; 90 Ball, 75 Ball, Win £400 for a penny; progressive jackpot bingo; guaranteed jackpot bingo; and incredibly free bingo. That’s right, that’s FREE bingo, which still gives you the opportunity to win real money without costing you a dime to play. It is unknown what mafia connections enabled this, but it is fair to say we are not complaining.

Section on Slots

Obviously, if you click on the Slots option in the navigation bar, you’ll be whisked away to the website’s slots area. The first category is Top Slots, which refers to the games with the highest ratings on this site. Apart from that, there are progressive jackpot slots, where the more spins you make, the greater your chances of winning. Then there are casino slots, which include elements of baccarat and poker into a slot machine. Finally, instant slots are available. These are similar to standard slots, except for the fact that they pay out more quicker.

Deals That Are Outrageous

Now you’re speaking in Loony Bingo jargon. Alternatively, are you? Actually, not at all. As it turns out, the promotions part has the same content as the bingo section, which is both perplexing and frustrating, to say the least. This is why…

To begin, this implies that there are no genuine ‘promotions’ in the sense that most casino and gaming websites describe them. Rather than that, you’re left with a plethora of bingo games that are constantly available and offer varying degrees of value for money depending on the time of day, day of the week, or week of the month (don’t hold us to those exact specifications; we’re more interested in making a point than being precise). Thus, the only really insane bargain here is the sign-up bonus, which entails investing £10 and playing with £80. While this is eight times the amount of your deposit, it still means the site falls well short of the sort of bonus we’d expect from anything of this nature. Certainly not the most enticing method to get support.

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